248 MEPs back S&D call for committee to boost counter-terrorism work in the EU

UK Police on crime investigation

The S&D Group has today proposed to set up a committee of inquiry to boost counter-terrorism work across the EU. The proposal has already received the backing of around 250 MEPs from different political groups. The committee will focus on how intelligence sharing can be improved between EU member states.
The leaders of the political groups will now discuss the proposal this afternoon and the final agreement will be voted on in the Parliament plenary session tomorrow. 
S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:
“The recent terror attacks in Europe have exposed the lack of co-ordination between different national law-enforcement authorities in the EU. There is a clear need to look at why this is the case and provide recommendations on what can be improved, taking into account both the external and internal dimensions of the fight against terrorism. That is why we are proposing a focused committee working specifically on sharing of information, which can complement the work of our existing home and foreign affairs committees. This can help us enhance co-operation and tie up the loose ends in our existing counter-terrorism legislation. 
“We hope this committee will be approved so that we can help boost security and improve counter-terrorism work in Europe.”