Socialist & Democrat MEPs welcomed the agreement reached yesterday between Council, European Commission and European Parliament negotiators on a draft directive aimed at improving the functioning of collective management companies for copyright and to facilitate legal access to online music in the EU.

French socialist Françoise Castex, negotiator for the S&D Group said:

“We have reached a fairly balanced text, which confirms the non-profit status of collective management companies and promotes more transparency and better governance on copyright management.

“Negotiations over the past few months have helped put the general meeting representing creators’ interests at the heart of the system of redistribution of rights, even if we could have gone further”, added Françoise Castex, vice-president of the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs.

“I am satisfied that the initial proposal of the rapporteur Marielle Gallo (PPE, FR) to bring agents and lawyers into general meetings was not held.

“S&D MEPs fought to backtrack on a number of completely unrealistic provisions that revealed a profound lack of understanding of the work of collectives. I therefore welcomed the period of distribution rights extension to 9 months as opposed to the 3 months initially proposed by the Greens, the Liberals and the European right,” concluded the MEP.

Sylvie Guillaume, vice-president of the S&D Group said:

“Throughout this legislature the S&D Group has been committed to finding answers on how best to adapt copyright to the digital age and to establish an appropriate legal framework for collective management companies, for the benefit of the artists.

“With this reform we will contribute to better guarantees in terms of the artists’ right to royalties by establishing a fair and transparent system.”

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