S&Ds: The EU should take the lead and engage for a UN binding instrument to defend human rights against abuses by transnational corporations

Today, S&D MEPs led the adoption of a parliamentary resolution urging the European Commission and EEAS to engage constructively at the United Nations for a binding instrument on business and human rights.


The initiative, which will enter its fourth round of negotiations this month, seeks to establish mechanisms for the victims of human rights abuses perpetrated by transnational corporations to seek redress.


Development committee chair and S&D MEP, Linda McAvan said:


"At a time when multilateral solutions are more important than ever, it’s vital the European Commission and EEAS are given a mandate to be fully involved in the UN negotiations. We have seen time and time again that the voluntary approach to due diligence and corporate social responsibility is simply not sufficient. Human rights abuses by transnational corporations are happening around the world and the European Union must turn its values into action and engage constructively for an instrument to hold them to account."


S&D development coordinator, Norbert Neuser MEP said:


"The victims of human rights abuses by transnational companies are very often vulnerable communities in developing countries, indigenous populations, women and children. These victims can also face high barriers to accessing remedies and seeking justice. If we are serious about harnessing globalisation and balancing investor rights with responsibilities, it’s time the EU took the lead at the UN for a global effort on behalf of victims."