S&Ds in favour of Mogherini’s proposal for new strategy on China

S&Ds in favour of Mogherini’s proposal for new strategy on China, Victor Boştinaru, Federica Mogherini, G20 summit, Africa, #4Africa, 4Africa,

Following today's discussion in the European Parliament on a new strategy on China, S&D vice-president, Victor Boştinaru MEP said:

“China is a key player in the international arena and a fundamental partner for the EU. Despite different views on many issues, there is no doubt that co-operation and co-ordination between the EU and China are fundamental for both.

“In this spirit, we warmly welcomed the statement from the EU's high representative for foreign affairs, security and defence Federica Mogherini, calling for a new EU strategy on China and for the EU’s action towards China to be united and coherent.

“It is important to see the awareness of what the EU and China can do together – bilaterally but also in international forums. The G20 summit – which will be hosted by China – will be particularly important, but also counter-terrorism, cyber-security, climate change and the reciprocal investment in the Juncker plan and China's One Belt One Road strategy. It will also be necessary to address the issue of protecting key infrastructure projects, including energy projects.

“And then Africa, where co-ordinating the respective investment and development policies can have a great impact on the phenomenon of migration, or North Korea where China has the necessary leverage.

“The Iranian deal has shown what results co-operation can bring and operations such as peacekeeping in South Sudan or anti-piracy activities in the Gulf of Aden have shown China's commitment.

“The comprehensive investment agreement, once concluded, will allow much easier access to the Chinese market for European companies and more Chinese investment in the European economy. We also welcome their openness to a future free-trade agreement.

"There is no doubt that further talks are necessary to address the issue of industrial over-capacity in China, even though there are already signs of a readiness to cut excessive production. But it is of fundamental importance that the EU takes all the necessary steps, including through dialogue and concrete measures, to avoid confrontation when some provisions of the accession protocol of China to the EU expire in December."