S&Ds: Violence in the DRC is out of control. EU must stop turning a blind eye and demand a new election date

S&Ds: We must stop turning a blind eye on the situation in the DRC, #4Africa, Gianni Pittella, Elena Valenciano, Beni territories,

The S&D Group believe that the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of Congo must go ahead in respect of the country's constitution.

Commenting on the tragic events in the DRC, Gianni Pittella, President of the S&D Group said:
"We deplore the continuing instability in the DRC that has led yet again to violence and deaths this week. It is crucial that dialogue immediately fixes a date for new elections, as foreseen by the constitution, in order to end this political impasse.
"My political group will ask for a debate in the European Parliament to discuss the role of the EU in ending the deterioration of the political landscape and halting the recent violence on the streets of Kinshasa, both of which are damaging the already critical humanitarian and security situation in the country and in the region of Great Lakes."
Reporting from Nord Kivu on the dramatic situation in terms of displaced people and the humanitarian emergency, Special Envoy of the S&D Group, S&D MEP Elena Valenciano said:
"The East of the country is a playground for armed groups and continues to witness extremely violent massacres, most recently in the Beni territories. It is clear that the responsibilities are complex and multiple. The international community must return its focus to this region, which is a time bomb with potentially dramatic consequences for its neighbours, as well as to the continent as a whole. I have compiled many findings that I will present to the High Representative as well as the member states, calling on them to coordinate an appropriate response to this conflict. In the meantime, I urge for increased humanitarian assistance towards the population in the camps, who have been completely forgotten and live in the most deprived conditions ever."