Today the European Parliament called on the Commission to present without further delay a long-term strategy for the EU environment policy. The current EU Environment Action Programme expires in July. The European Parliament passed a report today setting out the priorities for the seventh programme.
S&D Euro MP Jo Leinen, author of the parliamentary report on the "7th Environment Action Programme - A better environment for a better life", said:
"We need a new programme soon to enable the transition towards a sustainable future. The existing programme (the sixth by the EU) has helped to create new and important environmental legislation over the past decade. However, there are still many challenges which have not been sufficiently met, and we must urgently broach unaddressed topics such as adaptation to climate. 
"Our horizon now is to ensure that existing objectives set for 2020 are coherent and will be met. In addition, we need to set the ground for our vision on the state of the environment in Europe in 2050.   
"A big step ahead for 2030 will be to bind energy efficiency targets set for 2020 along with mid-term targets for renewables, emission reductions and energy efficiency.
"The seventh programme shall set the sustainability agenda for the EU and guarantee a new impetus to reduce its ecological footprint worldwide.
"With a credible programme for resource efficiency, the EU can give a strong signal to the world; we only have one planet and UN environmental conferences such as Rio+20 must pave the way for a sustainable and non destructive development in the 21st century." 
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