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Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)

S&Ds lead a new vote to reduce risks in the EU banking sector on non-performing loans

The Socialists and Democrats led today a vote in the economic and monetary affairs committee to tackle non-performing loans (NPLs) and thereby made a new significant step to reduce risk in the...
Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)

S&Ds have pushed for a stronger and more sustainable banking sector

The Socialists and Democrats welcomed today the preliminary deal struck between the Parliament and the Council on the banking package, but stressed the need to achieve a concrete outcome on the...
Fair taxation

EU finance ministers’ failure to ensure fair taxation of tech giants is a disgrace, say S&Ds

Despite an almost unanimous vote in the European Parliament and recurrent calls from more than 700.000 citizens , EU finance ministers failed to adopt the digital services tax (DST) today at their...
Euro sign and #Eurozone

Udo Bullmann: Further progress needed on Eurozone reform

Following the conclusion of the Eurogroup this morning on the reform of the European Monetary Union, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann stated: “The agreement reached by the Eurozone finance...
We need greater scrutiny and oversight of Commissioners’ declarations of interest, #TaxJustice, European Commissioners’ declarations of interest, Evelyn Regner, Panama Papers, tax evasion,

Socialists and Democrats have pushed to ensure fair taxation of tech giants

The Socialists and Democrats led today a broad cross-party coalition in the economic and monetary affairs committee to introduce a tax on the digital services provided by tech giants such as Google,...
Tax transparency: EU member states lack ambition yet again, tax evasion by multinational companies, Ecofin Council, country-by-country reporting of the taxes and revenues of multinational companies, Emmanuel Maurel, Elisa Ferreira,

CumEx scandal: It is high time to end the impunity of corporate crimes

The S&Ds called today for a thorough inquiry by the European Supervisory Authorities into dividend arbitrage trading schemes such as ‘Cum-Ex’ or ‘cum-cum’ and their impact on the integrity of...
Progressive Society Sustainable Equality Report

Ahead of the next European elections, S&Ds present a roadmap to resolve the social and ecological crisis

The European Union must change gear to accelerate its transition to a sustainable society, by placing well-being for everyone at the heart of its project for the next parliamentary term. So far, the...