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European Solidarity Corps: S&Ds insist quality jobs for young European must not be replaced by unpaid volunteering

S&Ds want young Europeans to be able to join the EU Solidarity Corps as soon as possible

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have supported the project of the European Solidarity Corps* since it was presented by the Commission in September 2016, and they have pushed...

S&D launches fourth School of Democracy event in Reggio Emilia: #EuropeTogether we can!

S&D launches fourth School of Democracy event in Reggio Emilia: #EuropeTogether we can! Tomorrow afternoon, the S&D Group’s fourth annual School of Democracy will be launched in Reggio Emilia...
Progressive Society

Europeans expect us to curb inequality, and we will do it, says Udo Bullmann

Socialists and Democrats set up a six-month lab to contribute to an alternative model of development for the EU. The European Union was built on solidarity, cohesion and the prospect of a better life...
S&D Euro MPs back Commission proposal to boost financing of Youth Employment Initiative

Youth Strategy: The young should participate in decision-making and have fair access to quality jobs

Young people were particularly hard-hit by the financial crisis in 2008 and still suffer from high unemployment, or have become the working-poor. The S&D Group fights to give young people a voice...
Graduation hat on yellow background - More for education! words

S&Ds urge member states to boost investments in quality and inclusive education

Education plays a crucial role in giving European citizens a more equal chance in life. Yet, according to the recent PISA * tests, every fifth European pupil faces problems with basic skills such as...