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Ban zero hours contracts - delivery man on bench with bike and pizza in rucksack

S&Ds lead fight to ban zero-hour contracts and better protect vulnerable workers in the EU

Responding to the needs of vulnerable workers who are trapped in abusive, flexible contracts, the Socialists and Democrats led today in the employment and social affairs committee a majority to...
The S&D Group calls for an inquiry committee on the car emissions scandal, 28 EU environment and industry ministers, environmental standards in Europe and legally binding emission limits, Matthias Groote MEP, Kathleen Van Brempt, citizens' health, The Tec

S&Ds achieve major victory to protect workers from diesel fumes

Thanks to an agreement struck today between the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council, European workers will be protected from exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions (...
Social rights are back on the European agenda, but concrete action is urgently needed, say S&Ds

Maria João Rodrigues: I am shocked by Austrian Presidency’s indifference to the Social Pillar

Following the decision of the Austrian Presidency to cancel the meeting on the implementation of the Social Pillar, S&D Group vice-president and European Parliament’s rapporteur on the European...
car and exhaust fumes and words - We want cleaner cars

The Parliament wants a 40% reduction of cars’ CO2 emissions by 2030

Today the plenary of the European Parliament backed an ambitious report drafted by S&D MEP Miriam Dalli calling for a 40% cut of cars’ and vans’ CO2 emissions by 2030. The goal of the report is...
Girl looking scared and poor

S&Ds call for establishing the European Child Guarantee to end child poverty in the EU

During an S&D conference today on the European Child Guarantee, the S&D vice-president for economic and social affairs, Mercedes Bresso, and the S&D MEPs Brando Benifei and Vilija...
#Metoo sexual harassment hastag on words

S&Ds take the lead in preventing and combating mobbing and sexual harassment in the workplace and in politics

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament led today a coalition calling for decisive measures to prevent and fight mobbing and sexual harassment at workplace, public spaces and in...
CO2 logo over car and exhaust fumes

S&Ds lead the fight to effectively reduce CO2 emissions in the EU from new cars and vans

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are strongly committed to the transition to a low-carbon economy that will save money for citizens; will bring a new impulse to the EU’s industrial...
European Solidarity Corps: S&Ds insist quality jobs for young European must not be replaced by unpaid volunteering

S&Ds want young Europeans to be able to join the EU Solidarity Corps as soon as possible

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have supported the project of the European Solidarity Corps* since it was presented by the Commission in September 2016, and they have pushed...