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Climate change - time to act - writing on green leaves

S&Ds criticise the two-face approach of EU member states on emissions and climate change

Socialists and Democrats are strongly committed to delivering on the promises made in Paris at the COP 21 UN summit on climate change. The S&D Group is pushing for ambitious binding targets on...
green circle of reusable items

S&Ds lead the transition to a Circular Economy, towards zero-waste

Today the plenary of the European Parliament will debate on the deal reached by the EU Council and the parliament’s negotiator, S&D MEP Simona Bonafè on waste management. The final vote on the...

S&Ds want to protect workers’ health from diesel fumes

Tomorrow, the Socialists and Democrats in the employment and social affairs committee will back a European Parliament proposal to protect workers against diesel fumes in the workplace. The new law...
No more delays on regulating endocrine disruptors, Jytte Guteland, substances that interfere with human hormones, Europe's Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation,

S&Ds lead the fight against endocrine disruptors, a threat to the health of European citizens

Today, a group of citizens concerned about the use of endocrine disruptors - chemical substances affecting human hormones - came to the European Parliament to engage in a discussion with scientific...
Child being injected with vaccination

S&Ds warn that the increase in anti-vaccine movements poses a threat to public health

The increase of anti-vaccine movements, and vaccine-shortages in some European countries, poses a threat to the health of European citizens. The World Health Organisation (WHO) warns against the...
Sheep squashed in lorry on road

S&Ds: Live animal transport must be humane. Animal welfare and food quality can’t be sacrificed

Following the revelation of abuses of the current legislation on transporting live animals, reported by the Animal Welfare Intergroup in the European Parliament, the S&D Group urges the European...