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We must support the post-conflict process in Colombia, say S&Ds, Ramón Jáuregui, Soraya Post MEP, Boris Zala MEP, FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), ELN (National Liberation Army),

S&D Group statement on elections in Colombia, 7 June 2018

The two candidates running for the second round of the Colombian elections next Sunday, June 17, represent two different ideological options: Iván Duque, the candidate of the right, questions some...
S&Ds: Proud of awarding Sakharov prize to Yazidi women, the Sakharov Prize for 2016 to Nadia Murad Basee and Lamiya Aji Bashar, advocates for the Yazidi community, Pittella, Elena Valenciano,

Over 30 years, Sakharov Prize becomes one of the leading human rights prizes in the world

On the occasion of the two days of conferences organised in Brussels on the 30th anniversary of the Sakharov Prize, awarded every year by the European Parliament to human rights activists around the...
Mexican flag and election protesters in the street

The S&D Group calls for the protection of all candidates running for elections in Mexico

Over one hundred politicians have been killed in Mexico since the beginning of the electoral campaign, which will culminate on 1 July with the election of 18,300 local and federal posts. Last...
Boat in Mediterranean and words Where has the solidarity gone?

The EU of solidarity cannot lose to the EU of xenophobia

Following the death of more than 50 people in the Mediterranean, S&D Group vice-presidents Elena Valenciano and Tanja Fajon, said: “We deeply regret the appalling loss of lives off the Tunisian...
Saudi Arabia and EU flags joined together

Stop cracking down on women’s rights activists, say the S&Ds to the government of Saudi Arabia

Socialists and Democrats were the leading political force behind the resolution that was adopted today by the European Parliament to condemn the recent cracking down on women’s right activists in...
Words around and about gender equality

Women’s empowerment must be central to EU’s foreign policy

The European Parliament today backed the S&D Group’s call for female empowerment to be put at the heart of the EU’s foreign policy. Progressive MEPs in the Parliament ensured that the report...
Refugee in libya and libya flag

S&Ds: Improving the social and economic situation in Libya is key for stability in North Africa, Sahel and the Mediterranean

Following today’s vote in the plenary on recommendations to the European Council, the European Commission and the High Representative on the political, economic and social situation in Libya, S&D...