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Nikol Pashinyan wins Armenian elections

S&D Group supports Armenia’s aspiration for a better future

Following a wave of massive protests in Armenia, linked to a perceived attempt by the hitherto political elites to continue ‘business as usual’ through major constitutional change from a presidential...
Childs hand, one world, one democracy

S&Ds: member states must act to protect child migrants

During a debate in the European Parliament in Brussels, S&D MEPs today urged EU member states to do more to protect child migrants arriving in Europe. Caterina Chinnici MEP, S&D Group...
Holocaust - statue and words remeber for the future

S&D Group rejects the words of President Abbas on the Holocaust

The S&D Group condemns the speech given by the Palestinian president, in which he made unacceptable remarks concerning the origins of the Holocaust. S&D Group vice-president Victor Boştinaru...
Flag of Venezuela

El Grupo S&D respalda la petición de la Eurocámara de posponer las elecciones en Venezuela

El pleno del Parlamento Europeo ha debatido esta tarde la crisis que atraviesa Venezuela y mañana votará una resolución en la que pide la suspensión de las elecciones presidenciales. Durante el...
North South Korea flags

A gleam of hope, say S&Ds on historic meeting between North and South Korean leaders

Reacting to the meeting between the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un and president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, where both sides have agreed to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons and push towards...
fake news

Facebook and Twitter need to be accountable for the spread of fake news on their platforms

S&D MEPs have welcomed that the European Commission finally came forward with proposals to tackle the dissemination of fake news on online platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The aim of...
Syria War - chemical bomb attack explosion

S&Ds: international community should double the efforts to end the war in Syria

As the EU-UN second conference on the Future of Syria started today in Brussels, the Socialists and Democrats call on the EU members states for further ambitious pledges for Syrians in need, and...
Nicaragua to stop repression - people in street demonstrating

S&Ds urge the government of Nicaragua to stop repression against its citizens

Police repression to diffuse citizens’ mobilisation against the reform of social security proposed by the government of Nicaragua has left at least 30 dead over the weekend. The S&D Group in the...