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European stars and knife, fork and spoon inside circle

S&Ds win seven-year battle to end double EU food and products standards

The S&D Group led today a broad cross-party coalition to ensure that there are no second-class products, nor consumers, in the EU. With this vote, the European Parliament recognised the existence...
Consumer products sold in Europe will soon have to comply with higher safety requirements

S&Ds ensure products are safe for consumers and mutually recognised across the EU

Yesterday, S&Ds led a coalition in the internal market and consumer protection committee aiming at ensuring the safety of products across the European Union. Under the new framework, member...
google logo

Udo Bullmann: Google must play by the EU rules when in the EU market. No company is above EU law

S&Ds welcomed today the decision of the European Commission to impose a €4.3 billion penalty on Google for abusing its dominant position in the Android operating system for mobile phones...
Lady holding 2 tins of food looking at labels

There can be no second-class products, nor consumers, in the EU, say S&Ds

The S&D Group led today an overwhelming majority in the internal market parliamentary committee to ensure that there are no double standards in the quality of food and other consumer products...
People in yellow suits spraying pesticide on crops

The EU approval system for pesticides must improve to better protect human health, say S&Ds

Today the environment committee voted on a report by S&D MEP Pavel Poc, which calls for a better approval system for pesticides in the EU. It is part of the scrutiny by the European Parliament on...
Light bulb with solar panel, wind turbine and tree inside

Key committees back the deal reached by S&Ds on Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Today, the industry and environment committees backed the deal on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, negotiated by S&D MEPs Miroslav Poche and José Blanco respectively. The final agreement...
Ricken Patel, president and CEO of Avaaz,

Progressive and pro-European forces must fight for Europe together, with vision and passion!

Leading S&D Euro MPs today welcomed Ricken Patel, president and CEO of Avaaz, who presented his network and debated on new forms of political communication and activism, as well as on the means...