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S&Ds call on EU leaders to stand firm against Trump's populist and protectionist punitive tariffs

Reacting to the announcement that US punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium on EU imports would enter into force as of tomorrow, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann said: “The imposition of US tariffs...
The Council’s proposal to renew EU’s trade defences is unacceptable for S&Ds, EU's trade defence instruments (TDIs), Alessia Mosca, lesser duty rule, David Martin MEP, dumping,

S&Ds strengthen trade defence instruments to protect European jobs

Today, the European Parliament is set to adopt new rules to combat unfair cheap imports. Under the new rules higher tariffs can be imposed against dumped or subsidised imports from non EU-countries...
Socialists and Democrats on EU-US trade agreement: Fairness is key

The EU will not be blackmailed, say S&Ds to Trump

Speaking at a European Parliament plenary debate in Strasbourg, ahead of the deadline for EU exemptions from US punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium this Friday (June 1), the Socialists and...
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S&Ds tighten vetting of foreign take-overs to protect security and jobs

This evening, the international trade committee in the European Parliament approved new rules on the screening of direct foreign investment. Acting on mounting concerns about foreign investors,...
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Exemption from punitive tariffs must not blind us to the damage done to rules-based trade order by Trump, warn S&Ds

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament warn that a relief from prolonged EU exemption from US steel and aluminum tariffs should not deter attention from the US administration’s...
TRADE TARRIFS - on blue background

S&Ds warn of tit-for-tat escalation between EU and US, as trade war has no winners

The Socialists and Democrats strongly condemned US President Trump’s decision to impose heavy tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, at a plenary debate in the European Parliament this morning. They...