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S&Ds promote sustainable battery manufacturing in Europe

Batteries are crucial for the transition to a sustainable economic model, both at the industrial level, but also for households and transport. However, around 80% of batteries in the world are...
S&Ds secure social rights and transparency in modernising EU port services, MEP Knut Fleckenstein, securing workers' rights and safety, social dialogue and environmental compliance, Ismail Ertug MEP,

S&Ds back measures to tackle sea-based sources of marine litter

The Socialists and Democrats in the transport and tourism committee voted today in favour of the port reception facilities report to tackle sea-based sources of marine litter. The report forms part...
European agricultural fund for rural development

S&Ds: Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas deserve a European development plan

Following today’s approval in plenary of the EU Agenda for Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas, S&D vice-president, Mercedes Bresso, stated: “The European Parliament's approval of the resolution...

S&Ds propose a long-term vision for clean, profitable and socially sustainable transport

Technological advancements and the need to reduce C02 emissions in order to reverse global warming have unleashed deep transformation in the transport sector. Socialists and Democrats are committed...
Watering can over eu map and words future of cohesion policy

S&Ds: the huge impact of the cohesion policy on N. Ireland shows the EU’s importance in boosting economy and preserving peace

Today’s plenary saw the adoption of the important report on the impact of the EU cohesion policy on Northern Ireland, which was overwhelmingly approved in the Committee on Regional Development on 20...
CO2 logo over car and exhaust fumes

S&Ds lead the fight to effectively reduce CO2 emissions in the EU from new cars and vans

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are strongly committed to the transition to a low-carbon economy that will save money for citizens; will bring a new impulse to the EU’s industrial...
lorries, co2 emmissions on motorway

S&Ds vote down attempts to undermine workers' rights in the road transport sector

After a long political battle, today the European Parliament rejected the attempts to further liberalise professional road transport and to weaken existing rights. Led by progressive MEPs, the...