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Single European Sky (SES)

No more borders in the European Sky, say S&Ds

The European Parliament today adopted a report to implement the Single European Sky (SES), a project that the Socialists and Democrats have strongly supported since it was first launched in 2000. As...
better protected when buying package holidays

EU consumers will be better protected when buying package holidays

The European Parliament, with the support of S&D Euro MPs, today gave the green light to the directive on package holiday and assisted travel arrangements. This text updates existing consumer...
Abolishing visas is a big step for Moldovans, Schengen

Abolishing visas is a big step for Moldovans on their European journey

The European Parliament today gave the green light to granting Moldovan citizens who have a biometric passport the right to visa-free access in the 26 countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days...
Single European railway area

S&Ds defend enhanced safety and workers' rights in new railway legislation

The European railway network will soon be improved with better inter-operability, enhanced safety, more transparent information for users and clearer labour rights for workers, following the vote...
112 emergency eCall system in all cars from 2015

S&D Euro MPs lead vote on emergency eCall system in all cars from 2015

S&D Euro MP Olga Sehnalová today led a cross-party majority on a proposal to equip from 2015 all new models of passenger cars with an eCall device that is activated in the event of a serious...

An eCall for cars to save lives on roads across Europe

From October 2015, all new cars will be equipped with an eCall system which will be activated in case of accident or emergency, according to a European law approved today by the Internal Market...
Arctic issues Canada iceland

S&D Group: Europe should pay more attention to Arctic issues

The Arctic is increasingly on the international agenda. The S&D Group is taking the lead on addressing the challenges of the Arctic. Last Saturday, the S&D Group held the first international...
Tachograph Transport Safety

The smart tachograph will enhance safety and respect for drivers' rights

Truck drivers in Europe will enjoy improved road safety and better working conditions following the adoption today of new legislation on the use of tachographs by the European Parliament. Tachographs...