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Plastic littered by the ocean

S&Ds back EU strategy to end plastic litter by 2030

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are leading the transition to a circular economy, where all products are designed to be either recycled, re-used or remanufactured. S&D MEP...

S&Ds propose a long-term vision for clean, profitable and socially sustainable transport

Technological advancements and the need to reduce C02 emissions in order to reverse global warming have unleashed deep transformation in the transport sector. Socialists and Democrats are committed...

President Tajani is undermining the work of Parliament by protecting his friend Viktor Orbán

S&D MEPs are outraged by the statements made by European Parliament's president, Antonio Tajani, ahead of the vote on launching Article 7 against the Hungarian government in the European...
Donald Trump US flag

Trump puts at risk EU-US partnership that needs to be preserved

With S&Ds support, the European Parliament backed a resolution today stating that although many decisions by the Trump administration put in jeopardy the international rules-based multilateral...
S&Ds in favour of Mogherini’s proposal for new strategy on China, Victor Boştinaru, Federica Mogherini, G20 summit, Africa, #4Africa, 4Africa,

Europe must stand firm and united towards China

The EU needs a more robust strategy towards China, reflecting new geopolitical realities. As a global power, China must take responsibility to tackle global challenges such as climate change, WTO...
World globe and stocks and shares charts

Relations with third countries must not lower the standards of the Single Market, say S&D MEPs

The S&Ds voted today in favour of a report defending that the EU should remain in charge of its own banking and financial regulation in the Single Market, and the application thereof, when doing...
Hungary, viktor orban & EPP Weber

Bullmann: Enough is enough - EPP needs to show if they are with Europe or with Viktor Orbán

S&D Group president Udo Bullmann has urged the EPP Group, led by his counterpart Manfred Weber, to finally stand up for European values and vote to initiate Article 7 (1) of the EU Treaty against...