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EP building n Strasbourg

Udo Bullmann: Europe stands united against violence and terrorism

Following an attack in Strasbourg that claimed the lives of innocent people, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann said: "The whole of our Group and the European Parliament are in shock at the...
Person holding blackboard saying Budget 2019

S&Ds: We outweighed Council resistance for a progressive and concrete Budget 2019

Following today’s approval in the plenary session in Strasbourg, a progressive Budget 2019 of the European Union is now a reality. After tough negotiations with the EU Council, the S&D Group...
humanitarian assistance

S&Ds: humanitarian visas would help stop many needless deaths

The European Parliament today backed calls for the creation of humanitarian visas, which would allow those seeking international protection a safe, legal way to enter the European Union. S&D...
Wall and big letters WORKERS' RIGHTS

S&Ds defend EU workers’ rights despite efforts by the conservatives to block progress

Today, the Socialists and Democrats led a majority in the European Parliament to defend two reports aiming at improving and safeguarding the social rights of millions of European workers, in spite of...
Safe country of origin lists must not prejudice individuals’ right to claim asylum, #EuWakeUp, EuWakeUp, migration, refugee, Asylum Procedures Directive, Sylvie Guillaume, Birgit Sippel,

Parliament backs use of over 500 million Euros to manage migration and resettle refugees

The European Parliament today backed the use of over 500 million Euros to help manage migration and support the relocation of refugees between EU member states. The amount had originally been...
Schengen in EU - on EU map and board pins

Bulgaria and Romania should join Schengen without delay, partial membership is not an option

The European Parliament today backed an S&D led report calling for Romania and Bulgaria to become full members of the Schengen area without delay. Both countries meet the technical requirements...
European stars and knife, fork and spoon inside circle

Risk assessment of our food chain should be immune to any pressure from the industry, say S&Ds

Today the European Parliament voted for a stricter and impartial European system to exclude any dangerous substance from the food chain. Socialists and Democrats have been at the forefront in the...