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S&Ds continue to fight for the UN migration and refugee compacts

The Polish government has announced that it will withdraw from the UN migration and refugee compacts. It becomes the fifth European member state to do so after Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria...
Romania Parliament

S&Ds call on the incoming Romanian Presidency to treat election interference as a top-priority

S&D Group president Udo Bullmann is in Bucharest on November 21, along with other political groups’ leaders and European Parliament President Tajani (Conference of Presidents), for a presentation...
Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

S&Ds - Weekly Update. This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week by S&D president Udo Bullmann, reacting to Chancellor Merkel’s speech on the Future of the EU “Which Europe does the EPP stand for? For the Europe of Konrad Adenauer and Robert...
Euro sign and #Eurozone

Bullmann: Now is the time to deliver on the reform of the Eurozone

Ahead of a special Eurogroup meeting next Monday, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann urged EU finance ministers to act and deliver on the much needed economic and monetary (EMU) reform. Udo Bullmann...

Socialists and Democrats in Chemnitz today: Together with citizens for democracy and freedom!

In the context of the S&Ds #EuropeTogether initiative, S&D Group president, Udo Bullmann, and S&D MEP from Saxony, Constanze Krehl, will meet with citizens in Chemnitz to discuss about...
Brexit EU signposts

S&Ds: Brexit deal is edging closer, but devil remains in the detail

The S&D Group takes note of the agreement that has been announced on the terms for an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Leading S&D MEPs stressed that it is now essential...
Lap top with DATA PROTECTION on it and girl holding smart phone

S&Ds: We need new rules to protect the integrity of our elections in a digital age

During a debate today in Strasbourg on what can be done to protect the European Parliament elections from foreign interference, S&D MEPs called on national governments to stop blocking...