A common asylum and immigration policy for Europe

measures taken today by the EU Commission on migration and the European Triton Operation


We believe in a diverse and multicultural Europe which respects the fundamental rights and dignity of migrants and encourages integration. Europe needs a positive approach to legal migration, constantly seeking to improve integration measures at EU and national level – especially to guarantee education and inclusion for the children of migrants. EU citizenship should be available to – but not imposed upon – second and third generation migrants, who were born and raised in the EU and form part of European society.


Asylum seekers are the most vulnerable group reaching Europe's shores and it is our duty to have a clear, accessible and fair asylum process that clearly establishes the rights and duties of asylum seekers and EU countries.

We want to achieve a common European asylum system to harmonise and improve the reception conditions, treatment of unaccompanied children, reasons for and conditions of detention, access to legal services, training of officials, time limits for processing arrivals and procedures for emergency situations.  In this way, we can guarantee that the system is not abused and that the decisions taken are correct and respect the fundamental rights of asylum seekers.

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