As we mark Europe Day on 9 May, what would your priority be for Europe's future?
Fighting Covid and rebuilding our economies
10% (8 votes)
Tackling the climate emergency
16% (13 votes)
Building a socially just Europe with decent jobs, housing and security for everyone
38% (30 votes)
Better healthcare for all
6% (5 votes)
Defending Europe's founding principles of democracy and freedom
16% (13 votes)
Fighting for tax justice
1% (1 vote)
Managing migration in a fair and humane way
10% (8 votes)
Getting Europe ready for a digital future
3% (2 votes)

Too hard to pick just one? Check out our forum pages where you can tell us what your priorities would be and why.

Total votes: 80
What would be your top priority to get real gender equality in the workplace?
pay transparency
37% (80 votes)
women in leadership roles
29% (63 votes)
equal and generous maternity and paternity leave
34% (73 votes)
Total votes: 216