3 steps-schemes PROPOSAL

Revision of Directive on Maternity leave - compromise to be negotiated

18 weeks statutory leave as follows:

- 6 weeks mandatory fully paid (incl. transfer to partner) +

- 12 weeks paid in accordance with current practice in Member States or min. 85% of previous salary if no particular scheme in place = health and safety at work for pregnant workers = increased employability

- Passerelle clause to parental leave (for the last 2 weeks)

New, separate, Directive on Paternity Leave

Establish paid paternity leave of at least ten working days

Assess the implementation of the revised Parental Leave Directive (which provides for 4 months' parental leave paid in accordance  with current practice in Member States, of which one non transferrable between parents)

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 00:00