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The Future of EU finances post-2020

This policy paper aims at presenting the general position of the S&D Group on the next Multiannual Financial Framework post 2020. It is neither intended to define the budgetary dimension nor the framework of sectorial policies. It does not concern the capacity of the euro area, as this is...

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The reform of the Own Resources system

The reform of the Own Resources system

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The agriculture we need...

The primary goal of our agriculture is to feed the population, with quality products, whilst preserving the planet´s ecosystems and the vitality of our rural areas.

The current situation is not good for farmers, consumers, nor for the environment.  However, those who...


Reflection paper on Security and Defence

Over the last few years, the EU Security and Defence policy has become a major priority for EU citizens and politics. New types of challenges have emerged: proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, regional conflicts resulting in migratory flows, competition for natural resources, energy...

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Deepening of the economic and monetary union Contribution to the European commission reflection paper in the context of its white paper on the future of Europe

The European Commission’s reflection papers aim at taking a long-term view. We understand that not everything can be resolved in the short term, and that such a process of reflection can be helpful in preparing the ground for major reforms.

However, Europeans need to see a stronger...


Cohesion Policy Post-2020

The underlying idea of the European Union is a peaceful cooperation between its different peoples and nations. Member States have defined common rights, duties and objectives in the Treaty of Lisbon. One of the key objectives of the Union is to promote economic, social and territorial cohesion,...


Harnessing globalisation: 10 overarching S&D priorities

Definitions of what Globalisation is vary immensely. Nevertheless, no matter how we define it, we must all acknowledge that Globalisation is now not only a process; it is a fact of life for citizens, workers, companies and countries alike. Drivers of globalisation such as enhanced trade,...

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SOCIAL EUROPE - Contribution to the European Commission reflection paper in the context of its White Paper on the Future of Europe

There will be no future for the European Union without a strong Social Union. Europeans should rightfully be able to re-identify the European Union with the protection and the reinforcement of their labour and social rights, and, thereby, of their quality of life. This will in coming years,...