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Towards a Digital Union - Our Progressive Vision

The European Union is undergoing a digital revolution that impacts on our daily, political, social, economic and cultural lives. As European Socialists and Democrats we welcome the opportunities this revolution offers for all European citizens and want to tackle head on any potential challenges...


Sustainable development agenda post-2015

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set up a framework for global efforts to improve people's lives worldwide by addressing extreme poverty in its many forms and promoting gender equality and environmental sustainability.

At the threshold of the 2015...


Let's unblock the "maternity leave" directive! Or why this is not an old-fashioned text

3 steps-schemes PROPOSAL

Revision of Directive on Maternity leave - compromise to be negotiated

18 weeks statutory leave as follows:

- 6 weeks mandatory fully paid (incl. transfer to partner) +

- 12 weeks paid in accordance

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Preventing a new Eurozone crisis: towards a new deal for Greece and the EMU

It is now clear that Greek people are rejecting policies against which European Socialists and Democrats have been fighting for years: abrupt fiscal consolidation combined with sharp labour cost cuts, leading to large-scale unemployment and poverty. They are also rejecting that the default...

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Ending the crisis and building new sustainable and shared prosperity - our call for an ambitious european investment strategy

Seven years into the economic crisis, Europe is at risk of sliding back into recession and, beyond, to enter a prolonged period of low growth, low inflation, and persistent unemployment, if not secular stagnation.

Inequality among social groups and the gap between member states are both...

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Towards a fair and sustainable taxation system: what we achieved so far, and much more still to do

In 2008 Europe was hit by an unprecedented financial, economic and social crisis. Although neither tax avoidance, nor tax fraud, nor tax havens caused the crisis, their impact on public finances made the recovery vastly more difficult.

The S&D Group has for several years led the fight...


The rise of right wing extremism and populism in Europe

Europe's values are under threat. They are being challenged by the rise of ideologies of intolerance, racism, xenophobia, violence and by narratives that go against the very core principles on which the European Union is founded. Speeches of hatred that would have been inconceivable a few years...


Free movement must be more fair, not less free: our alternative, progressive vision

  1. Free Movement of citizens and of workers is the core of EU citizenship and a pillar of the success of EU single market. To limit free movement would harm EU citizens and deprive them of a fundamental right. The real point is to do away with austerity and troikas, and to fight for a
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