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Fostering media diversity and press freedom

An open and free media landscape with divergent opinions and ideas is a key aspect in democratic societies. Media pluralism is considered highly important with regard to media policy, freedom of speech and a vibrant cultural sector. Media freedom and pluralism are fundamental values, enshrined...


S&D position paper on migration & asylum

The European Union is facing the largest refugee crisis since the end of World War II. It is a crisis of unprecedented magnitude that originates largely from conflicts, persecution and humanitarian disasters in Europe’s neighbourhood, and beyond. The violent conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq...

position-paper-more socially just europe_feb

Progressive European Social Policy: Returning the focus to the people

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the position and engagement of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament towards a real Progressive European Social Policy, as the basis for a strong and sustainable Social Europe. The...


Sustainable development agenda post-2015

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set up a framework for global efforts to improve people's lives worldwide by addressing extreme poverty in its many forms and promoting gender equality and environmental sustainability.

At the threshold of the 2015...


Investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms in ongoing trade negotiations (ISDS)

The S&D Group opposes the inclusion of ISDS in Trade Agreements in which other options to enforce investment protection are available, whether domestic or international. In agreements with countries that have fully functioning legal systems and in which no risks of political interference in...


Let's unblock the "maternity leave" directive! Or why this is not an old-fashioned text

3 steps-schemes PROPOSAL

Revision of Directive on Maternity leave - compromise to be negotiated

18 weeks statutory leave as follows:

- 6 weeks mandatory fully paid (incl. transfer to partner) +

- 12 weeks paid in accordance


DEVE (Development) policy paper for development and humanitarian aid priorities 2014-2019

S&D as a group has been at the forefront of the global fight against poverty, discrimination and inequality. We’ve fought hard to ensure adequate funding has been maintained for development in spite of economic difficulties and political resistance by some groups. Despite achievements, a lot...


The rise of right wing extremism and populism in Europe

Europe's values are under threat. They are being challenged by the rise of ideologies of intolerance, racism, xenophobia, violence and by narratives that go against the very core principles on which the European Union is founded. Speeches of hatred that would have been inconceivable a few years...