From the crisis to a new egalitarian ideal for Europe
Despite more than fifty years of European integration, today’s European Union is still a vulnerable and unfinished construction, which has drifted out of touch with the concerns of its citizens and, even, is increasingly seen as a direct source of those concerns - the number one being mass unemployment.
The EU’s political fragility has been made worse by the damage the on-going crisis has inflicted and continues to inflict on its citizens, on its economies and welfare systems, and increasingly, on the quality of its democracies. The lack of both political will and broad public support for further political integration and in favour of cross-country solidarity, together with the ill-conceived economic policy strategies pursued since the outset of the crisis, have raised the possibility of a collapse not only of the Eurozone, but of the entire European Union.
These difficulties are associated with the dysfunctional nature of today’s global market system, which produces both great wealth and vast inequality. The EU will not regain strong support unless it embraces, and is seen to embrace, a new and more equal system.
Europe needs to stand for sustainable growth, quality jobs, fairly shared prosperity and an equal opportunity for all children, regardless of nationality, inspired by a new egalitarian ideal. Today, it stands for none of these. We address this call for change to those who will bear political responsibility across all of the EU’s institutions after the forthcoming European elections, and more widely to all of those who can help to promote such change.
Authors of the Call for Change:

 •Joseph E. STIGLITZ
 •Jean-Paul FITOUSSI
 •Ilene GRABEL
 •András INOTAI
 •Louka T. KATSELI
The publication is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. 
The Progressive Economy Initiative was launched in 2013 and is supported by the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

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