Journal for a Progressive Economy - The Road(s) Ahead

What is Progressive Economy?

Gianni Pittella

Challenge n°1: Mid-term review of the Europe 2020 strategy and new financial instruments for growth.

A New Ambition for the Europe 2020 Strategy
Maria João Rodrigues
Conditions for the Achievement of the Europe 2020 Targets
Laszlo Andor
New Financial Instruments for Growth and Industrialisation
Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen

Challenge n°2: A roadmap for the completion of Economic and Monetary Union

Three Pitfalls on our way towards completing Economic and Monetary Union
Jakob von Weizsäcker
Roadmap for the completion of the Economic and Monetary Union
Jean-Louis Bianco
Reasons for an Economic and Monetary Union
Alessia Mosca

Challenge n°3: A new social agenda 2014-2019

A New Social Agenda 2014-2019
Agnes Jongerius
Regulating self-employment without employees in Europe
Brigitte Unger
Divergence in human capital investment must stop
Frank Vandenbroucke


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Journal for a Progressive Economy - The Road(s) Ahead