Progressive Economy Journal: Inequality - The challenge of the Century

Welcome to this second edition of the Progressive Economy Journal, which focuses on inequalities and is co-edited with two of the foremost thinkers in this domain – Kate Pickett and Gosta Esping-Andersen.

Inequality is an issue which needs to be the heart of policy planning, in Europe and beyond. The link between economic inequality and overall well-being is clear. But the issue of inequality is far wider than that. Inequality is not simply about poverty. It’s about the failure to provide everyone with access to opportunities, to public services, to a work-life balance.

This Journal is intended as a small contribution towards this debate – by asking academics and policymakers to address issues as diverse as gender and the environment, we hope to give some food for thought as to why inequality must be at the forefront of our minds in all policy areas.

These issues will be addressed at our prestigious Annual Forum, taking place in the European Parliament in Brussels in March. This event is open to the public, and will be webstreamed, and will feature contributions from many of the authors featured in this Journal, as well as other prominent figures such as Joseph Stiglitz and Martin Schulz.

More details are available on the Progressive Economy website

Hannes Swoboda - S&D Group president

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Progressive Economy Journal: Inequality - The challenge of the Century