Strengthening European Social Democracy (S&D Group Round Table Debates, December 2010 - May 2011)


Welcome to this second brochure on the S&D Group Round Table programme on strengthening European Social Democracy.
In the first brochure, we reported on our debates on the political profile of young voters, the electoral support for our political family throughout Europe, and the future shape of a progressive foreign policy.
The three Round Tables presented in this brochure addressed three other themes which are highly relevant in the debate about how we can strengthen our political profile as European Socialists and Social Democrats.
They dealt in particular with : 
  • the Social Democratic alternative in the context of globalisation and permanent change (December 2010),
  • the trends regarding the electoral basis of Social Democracy (January 2011),
  • the challenging policy areas of migration and integration (May 2011).
Martin SCHULZ - President
Maria BADIA I CUTCHET - Vice-President responsible for the Round table programme