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Our alternative vision for Europe

Our Alternative Vision for Europe. The First 100 Days


Together, we have the choice. Together, we can change Europe and offer 500 million European citizens a new direction. We want a different Europe: fairer, socially balanced and democratic.

Don’t settle for the way Europe is run now, falling apart and a far cry from the values it...

International Roma Day

Roma - People of Europe. International Roma Day 2013

Roma - People of Europe. International roma Day 2013

Please feel free to download our leaflet and posters below and use them as you wish!



Basta! An End to Austerity. Our alternative vision


Basta! An End to Austerity is a new book that presents a positive vision of how Europe can arrest its decline and restore hope through genuine changes in economic governance and much greater democratic

Achievements and Challenges of the Single Market. S and D responses to citizen s top 10 concerns

Achievements and Challenges of the Single Market. S&D responses to citizen's top 10 concerns

  1. 'Power to the People': Or how to make sure consumers don’t lose out 
  2. Opening a bank account: Stop the nightmare! 
  3. Credit and mortgages: More transparency please! 
  4. Academic and professional skills must be recognised across the EU 
  5. ...
S&D Activity Report - PES Congress 28/29 September 2012

S&D Activity Report - PES Congress 28/29 September 2012

This report of Group activities completes a first report submitted to the PES Congress in Prague in December 2009. This previous report had a short time frame concentrating on activities and developments since the June 2009 elections to the European Parliament. It is now time to sum up the Group...