The S&D Group will not be opening the selection procedure for trainees for the first semester in 2019, due to the European elections in May 2019.

The S&D Group invite you to check our webpage from May 2019 when we will publish another selection for trainees (traineeship will start mid-September 2019).

The S&D Group offers many traineeship opportunities to involve young people in the work of the S&D Group and the European Parliament and to promote the integration of citizens across Europe. All our trainees receive a grant and working opportunities include monitoring the work of parliamentary committees, working with the press team, participating in the S&D Group’s events, etc.


We take on approximately 25 young people at a time for traineeships which last three to five months (depending on the programme) and begin in mid-February or mid-September.

All traineeship candidates are entitled to apply for ONE of the 6 specific funds*, or the FRANCIS VALS fund AND a maximum of ONE of the other 5 specific funds*. Should a candidate submit multiple applications for the same fund, we will only consider the most recent one.

*Any candidate applying for the "Traineeships for young people with disabilities" must have a medically recognised disability. We will require proof of a candidate’s disability.

Candidates for the traineeship must:

  • be nationals of a European Union member state, a candidate country for EU accession or a country which has a partnership agreement with the S&D Group
  • be aged between 18 and 35 years
  • share European socialist and democratic values
  • have a perfect knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union and in addition a very good knowledge of one of the working languages of the S&D Group (English, French, Spanish or German)

Please read the INTERNAL RULES before applying for a traineeship

Semester  Beginning of traineeship  Duration  Registration period
 1st semester mid-February  3 or 5 months Precise dates to follow
 2nd semester mid-September  3 or 5 months Precise dates to follow