The School of Democracy is an S&D Group yearly initiative where 100 young people from across Europe and abroad are invited to debate on the key political issues and challenges of our times. Over three days of passionate discussions with MEPs, academics, policy-makers and renowned journalists, young people are given a unique opportunity to express their views, concerns and hopes. Over the years, the School of Democracy has built a vivid community of young people committed to a better and progressive vision of Europe and the world.

The GPF was created in 2003 with the goal of connecting progressive forces from around the world and developing a global progressive agenda. We are active in all the continents, promoting worldwide campaigns and commitments to action. Our priorities are democracy and human rights, social justice, sustainable growth and social progress.

Sustainability has to be the approach for and of the people. Together, we will build a progressive and sustainable Europe piece by piece from the bottom up. It is our mission to bring together cities and regions, trade unions and enterprises, NGOs and academics and - most importantly – you, the citizens of Europe around this common goal. Let's fight together for a fairer and uplifting society. For a healthy planet that provides opportunities for everyone. For politics that put the people's well-being first. For a Progressive Society!