Europe Together

What's the Europe you would like to see during the next five years? What's the path it should follow to answer the real needs of Europeans? Tell us!

European citizens have voted in this year’s elections in numbers unprecedented in the past twenty years, proving that Europe is much more than a project. Europe is the present and the future for citizens, a reality that is worth fighting for and shaping people's lives for the better.

But in order for Europe to thrive, it needs support. It needs people to give Europe direction, so that during the next five years, the EU project answers the challenges of today. From growing inequalities to uncontrolled globalisation, to the worrying climate crisis, we need a concrete strategy that answers the real needs of all Europeans.

So here’s the deal. You suggest, and we deliver. We’re launching a call for an EU-wide consultation of people’s priorities on which the work and new mandate of the Socialists and Democrats’ Group in the European parliament should be based.

How? It’s easy. Just send us your idea for the Europe of the next 5 years.

The ideas will be collected and submitted to the S&D Group’s bureau.