If you join us, you will be working in a multicultural environment with colleagues from across Europe. You will have many opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills.

Our recruitment procedures are the following*:

Vacancies for 'permanent posts’ (open-ended contracts) in the S&D Group secretariat are filled through competitions organised by the S&D Group or by transfers, secondments or promotion, internally or from other EU institutions.

Vacancies for ‘fixed-term posts’ (time-limited contracts, contract agents) are usually filled through spontaneous applications followed by interviews of the suitable candidates. You can send us your spontaneous application using the online form here.

For a specific opening advertised by the Group, details for sending in your CV and the job reference number can be found on the job description as and when there is a specific opening available. This will be published below.

If you would like to work as an assistant to an MEP, please contact directly the MEP of the constituency in question as each member employs his/her own assistant.

* Please note that the S&D Group will process your data in accordance with Regulation (EU) N 2018/1725. The S&D Group collects your personal information. Only your name, email address and CV are the data that we hold for recruitment purposes, this information is not going to be shared with other organisations and will be deleted in 3 years. If you wish to delete your data, please let us know by email: s-d.jobs@europarl.europa.eu