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Clare Moody MEP, Labour MEP for South-West England and Gibraltar

Labour MEPs: EU support for UK over Russian poisonings reinforces need for continued close cooperation

The support of key European Union figures and EU national governments over the poisoning and attempted murder in Salisbury of Sergei Skripal by the Russian state has reinforced the need for continued...
Neena Gill MEP, European Parliament rapporteur on Money Market Funds

Labour MEPs: UK must not block new EU plans to ensure digital companies don’t avoid tax

The UK must not block new EU proposals that will make it harder for companies like Google and Facebook to avoid paying tax - and keep any new measures if Britain leaves the EU, Labour MEPs warned as...
Roberto Gualtieri

Brexit, Gualtieri (Pd-Sd), merci non siano trattate meglio cittadini

“Nessuna discriminazione verso i cittadini è accettabile nel periodo di transizione. Noi non consentiremo di trattare le merci meglio delle persone. L’accordo di dicembre va tradotto giuridicamente...
Silvia Costa

UE: Costa, un nuovo servizio volontario che possa unire l’Europa

STRASBURGO, 14 MAR – “Con oggi inizia un percorso che vogliamo porti ad un vero servizio civile europeo”. A dirlo è l’europarlamentare Silvia Costa che ha lavorato sul testo del Parlamento europeo...

Nomination à la Banque centrale européenne : vous êtes minoritaire, M. De Guindos !

Le Parlement européen a désavoué aujourd’hui clairement la candidature de l’Espagnol Luis de Guindos - un politique, ardent défenseur de l’austérité et de la rigueur - à la vice-présidence de la...
David Martin MEP

Labour MEPs: Tariffs row shows EU not Trump remains UK’s closest ally

Britain must work with the European Union to resolve the US tariffs row, a row which once more highlights the EU, and not Brexiters’ favourite Donald Trump, remains the UK’s closest ally, Labour MEPs...
Richard Corbett MEP

Labour MEPs: May cannot ignore European Parliament’s warnings and must not weaken standards or rights

Theresa May and the UK government must take note of the message of today’s vote in Strasbourg, if it is to have any chance of making progress in the negotiations, Labour MEPs warned as the European...
Isabelle Thomas MEP

Avenir de l’Union : le Parlement défend un budget européen responsable et mieux financé

Le Parlement européen a adopté aujourd’hui deux rapports stratégiques conjoints sur le budget européen, sujet essentiel pour l’avenir de l’Union européenne : le rapport Thomas/Olbrycht, qui porte sur...