Commission must keep promises on strengthening protection for workers against carcinogens and mutagens, say S&Ds

S&D Group back proposals to strengthen the protection of workers against new carcinogens and mutagens

The S&D Group took note of the European Commission’s proposal this week to introduce new limits on exposure to carcinogens and mutagens substances in the workplace.

S&D Group spokesperson on employment and social affairs, Jutta Steinruck MEP said:

"We expect the Commission to keep up its work on updating EU law in order to protect workers from more carcinogens and mutagens in the workplace. The health of millions of people depends on it.

"However, the Commission committed to introducing 25 new binding occupational exposure limits (BOELs) for carcinogens in 2016. The current proposal includes limits for only five new substances on top of the 13 already added earlier."
S&D Group spokesperson on this issue Marita Ulvskog MEP added:

"We regret that no limits have been proposed for substances such as diesel and formaldehyde. With regards to formaldehyde, this is a missed opportunity as there is already an agreement in place between social partners on the need for an exposure limit. 

"The absence of diesel exhaust is a conspicuous one considering the aggressive industry lobbying with regards to the Carcinogens and Mutagens at Work Directive and the diesel exhaust scandal.
"We urge the Commission to follow with new limit values for further substances without delay and to broaden the scope of the directive to include reprotoxic substances, where workers do not have adequate protection."