Together Statements: A Message from the S&D Group, the #EuropeTogether family and European citizens.

Dear friends,

For some time now, it has been clear that we need radical change in Europe.

We started on a journey back in 2016, on the back of a challenging blow for Europe. How did we get to a point where the majority of citizens in one country voted not just against the EU, but to leave the EU? The status quo is clearly no longer an option.

With our Europe Together initiative we have had time to reflect, but more importantly, we have had time to listen. We are listening to everyday people from all over Europe. The messages that people have given, online and in person, are encouraging, supportive, forward-looking and, occasionally, critical. But we need to be critical if we are to get better. We need to listen to people, talk to them about how we can make a difference, and take them with us on the journey towards change.

An important part of the Europe Together platform is our declarations. This is where we unite the progressive family and send a strong message by adopting a Statement. This is also where you come in. You have contributed your ideas on the way forward, and you have influenced the direction we are taking. Whether it is on strengthening the Social Model, tax justice, sustainable living or defending democracy, we have had a great response from people all over Europe who wanted to have their say. With these declarations, we will take your message to our political family to promote your ideas at the heart of the European elections.

The Europe Together journey does not stop here. We can only achieve the change we need, if we continue to unite the progressive family with a movement led by everyday people. Now more than ever, the progressive voices need to be heard, not just in capital cities from politicians, but from everyone, in all villages and towns, wherever they are in Europe. We are going to build on the movement we have started.

We are going to keep listening, keep talking with people, keep taking on new ideas and keep fighting for the progressive change Europe needs.

Together we can.

In comradeship,

Udo Bullmann – S&D president


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OUR JOURNEY #EUROPETOGETHER - A new direction for a progressive Europe.

Summary: OUR JOURNEY #EUROPETOGETHER - A new direction for a progressive Europe.

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