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Plenary Session - European Parliament in Strasbourg from 16 to 19 April 2018 - S&D priorities on the agenda

S&D Group's news on the European Parliament's Plenary session in Strasbourg - 16 to 19 April 2018

▶ Wed 18 Cambridge Analy ca and Facebook: Data protection and citizen's privacy as a line of defence against election manipulation +33(0)3 88 1 75559 “The allegations...
The eurozone is in urgent need of a fiscal capacity. The euro management profits should directly revert back to reinforce the Monetary Union, say S&Ds, European Central Bank (ECB), European Central Bank's annual report, S&D Euro MPs Elisa Ferreira and Jon

Udo Bullmann: Parts of CDU/CSU still adhere to yesterday’s failed ideas

Ahead of an important debate in the Bundestag, S&D Group President, Udo Bullmann, urged hawks in the conservative CDU/CSU parliamentary group to accept a fully integrated European Monetary Fund (...
chemical bombing attack in Douma, Syria

S&D leader Udo Bullmann’s reaction on the airstrikes on Syria

Following the airstrikes on Syria launched last night by the USA, France and the UK in response to their use of chemical weapons, the S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann declared: “The use of chemical...
Victor Orbán and EC logo

EU must act now to save the rule of law in Hungary

The European Parliament’s civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee today voted in favour of launching Article 7 procedures against the Hungarian government for its repeated and sustained...
Education above all written on blackboard

Europe must do more to get child refugees back to school, a new study reveals

EU countries fail to adequately integrate child refugees into their school systems, according to a new comparative study presented today at by the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), ahead of next month’...
construction worker and equal pay

Member states back S&D’s demand for equal pay for equal work

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament welcome today’s approval of new rules for posted workers by member states. The introduction of equal pay for equal work at the same place for...