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Osman Kavala

S&Ds make urgent call for release of Osman Kavala

On the eve of the European Summit, another low point has been reached in Turkey with the detention of Osman Kavala, a leading figure in building a more tolerant and open Turkey. He was detained as...
Schengen and border controls sign posts

Entry-Exit system: Border management is vital for a good functioning of the Schengen area

The European Parliament today approved a new Entry-Exit system for all non-EU nationals arriving in the passport-free Schengen area. S&D Group vice-president and negotiator for the new system,...
#Metoo sexual harassment hastag on words

#MeToo: women, you are not alone, say S&Ds

At the request of the Socialists and Democrats, this morning the European Parliament debated the situation concerning sexual harassment and abuse in Europe and in the Parliament. Following the global...
MFF revision: 1.2 billion to tackle youth unemployment but more ambition needed, S&D vice-president Isabelle Thomas, Eider Gardiazábal Rubial, #TaxJustice,

EU budget 2018: Well-funded budget is essential to boost growth and jobs

The S&D Group today voted on the Parliament's EU budget for 2018, which calls for more funding to boost growth, enhance cohesion and tackle the many challenges the EU is facing. Daniele Viotti...
Roma boy holding empty bowl, poverty

Deprived of their human rights – Parliament backs report to tackle intolerable anti-gypsyism in Europe

Today the Parliament adopted the report on protecting fundamental rights of Roma people in the EU. The report recognises anti-gypsyism as a horizontal issue, and demands a range of policies from...
Living wage written in clouds on blue sky

S&Ds call on Commission to introduce national minimum-income schemes to protect Europeans from poverty

In a report voted today in the European Parliament, the Socialists and Democrats succeeded in including a call on the Commission to introduce national minimum-income schemes, as well as funding...