Quote of the week by Iratxe García Peréz, S&D president:

"The new European Commission is already in place, and new important legislation such as the European Green Deal will soon be presented. We cannot fully carry out our work until we know if key policy areas will have enough funding. The budget for the next seven years should not be further delayed, and it must be ambitious enough to reflect the needs and demands of EU citizens."

Upcoming events

The COP25, the UN Climate Change conference, continues next week in Madrid. A strong S&D delegation will be in Madrid from 9 to 14 December, including Iratxe García Perez, S&D President.

The S&D Group together with PES and PSOE will host a public discussion “Open Dialogue on Climate Action” on December 10th in the framework of the COP25 in Madrid. During this debate, Minister Teresa Ribera, together with Iratxe Garcia Perez, S&D President will exchange on progressive proposals to shape European Climate Action in a socially fair way. The debate will be moderated by Javi Lopez MEP. The registration link is here.

Our MEPs in Brussels will discuss the Commission’s new proposals for a European Green Deal in the mini plenary session on Wednesday 11 December. Next week, MEPs will also be preparing for the final plenary session of the year from 16-19 December.

You can follow all our latest updates on the European Green Deal and much more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.

On Thursday 12 December, PES leaders will gather for a pre-summit leaders meeting ahead of the European Council, 12-13 December in Brussels. The EU’s long-term budget, climate change, economic and monetary union, foreign affairs and Brexit are on the agenda for EU leaders.

Back to Wednesday 11 December, the S&D Group is organising an event together with the Serbian opposition where they will have the opportunity to explain the difficult situation they are facing in Serbia ahead of the parliamentary elections that are due to be held in spring 2020.


Finally, on next week’s agenda, our political family will gather on 12 December to inaugurate the Stefan Zweig building in the European Parliament, home to the S&D Group’s offices. An Austrian novelist, playwright, journalist and biographer, Stefan Zweig promoted the idea of a unified Europe through his work and was a fierce opponent of extremist nationalism.


Every year SOLIDAR, in cooperation with the S&D Group, organises the Silver Rose Awards in the European Parliament to celebrate the work of Civil Society organisations. Have your ever been motivated by an individual or organisation due to their efforts to advance social justice? Do you think their stories should be shared? Nominations are open until 31 December 2019.



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