Quote of the week

“There is no time to waste. Europe cannot afford to drag its feet and we have to make sure that in the next five years the EU delivers for its citizens. If we are serious about the just transition to a fair and sustainable economy and the European Green Deal, we have to see in next week’s hearings that it is a priority for all Commissioners individually and for the new Commission as a whole.”

S&D Group leader, Iratxe García


Upcoming activities

Next week in the European Parliament, committee hearings of the Commissioners-designate are set to begin. S&D MEPs will be evaluating each of the candidates on their commitment and their competence to push for reforms in line with our vision to make Europe fairer, more equal and more environmentally and socially sustainable.

You can read more about our progressive Commissioners on the S&D website.

While a lot of the week’s attention is on the hearings for the Commissioners-designate, there is more on the agenda. The candidates for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2019  will be presented at a joint AFET/DEVE/DROI meeting on Monday 30 September at 5pm.

In the Petitions committee on Wednesday 2 October, S&D MEPs will be finding out about the impact of Brexit on citizens’ rights, namely of EU and UK nationals residing in the UK, and of UK nationals residing in other EU countries.

Before a busy committee week, Saturday 28th September is the Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. Our message is that the time has come for the global movement for sexual and reproductive rights of all women to stand together and make one clear demand – access to affordable, safe and legal abortion now!

This weekend (and in October), breast cancer campaign Think Pink, is organising the Race for the Cure in different cities in Europe. This Sunday 29 September, the S&D Group will be racing for the cure at Bois de la Cambre in Brussels. You can join in the race in Brussels to show your support for the cause.

On Wednesday 9th October, the S&D Group is supporting youth-led public event, organised in the framework of the European Week of Action for Girls. The event will bring together youth advocates and newly elected MEPs to talk about how the EU can scale up its commitment for girls to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams. You can read the programme and register here.

Stay tuned throughout next week and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates. 

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