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S&Ds back civil society’s call on EU leaders for a more humane and sustainable Europe, Kathleen Van Brempt, Maria João Rodrigues,

Udo Bullmann: European Leaders must take a bold step towards tackling the real problem of lack of solidarity in Europe!

On the occasion of today’s Council meeting, S&D MEPs call on Heads of State and Government to find a reasonable and fair agreement on a common asylum and migration policy. S&D Group president...
European Council logo

S&D Group president Udo Bullmann present at EUCO pressroom tomorrow at 17:00

In light of tomorrow’s Summit with Heads of State and Government to discuss the future of Europe in key areas, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann will be present at the EUCO pressroom tomorrow, 28...
 Triton, the new Frontex mission in the Mediterranean. migration

S&Ds on migration: People come first!

The S&Ds call on European leaders and member states to ensure the security of people on rescue boats and to find sustainable solutions at the European Council. S&D Group president, Udo...
Viktor Orban in front of lots of Hungarian flags

EPP Group must finally act against the authoritarian slide in Hungary

Ahead of a crucial vote in the European Parliament’s civil liberties, justice, and home affairs committee on the rule of law in Hungary, leading S&D MEPs have called on their counterparts from...
Celebration of the UN Refugee day Wednesday 20-6

EU must remain a region that welcomes those fleeing war, persecution and terror

On the occasion of UN World Refugee Day, leading S&D MEPs have urged national leaders to ensure that EU remains a region that welcomes those fleeing war, persecution and terror. The call came...
We need to bring copyright into the 21st Century, Alessia Mosca, rights of creators and inventors and consumers,

S&D Group ensures fair remuneration for authors and performers in reform of EU copyright laws

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs today backed proposals to update the EU’s copyright rules for the digital age. The S&D Group managed to secure significant improvements to the...

Salvini’s comments on cataloguing Roma people a reminder of darkest days of European history

S&D MEPs have strongly criticised comments from Italian Interior minister Matteo Salvini following his proposal for ethnic registration of Roma people in Italy. S&D Group Spokesperson on Roma...