Job opportunities

The S&D Group advertises vacancies for ‘permanent posts’ (open-ended contracts filled through competitions, transfers, secondments or promotion, internally or from other EU institutions) and vacancies for ‘fixed-term posts’ (time limited contracts, or contract agents filled through spontaneous applications).

Spontaneous application

If you wish to send us your CV to keep on file, please fill in the online form. Should a post within the Group for either time-limited contracts, or contract agents become available, it will be listed on the form. According to the needs of our Group, the CVs that best suit a vacant post will be selected, and the candidates will be contacted for an interview.


There are six different traineeship programmes which involve young people in the work of the S&D Group. The duration of our traineeships is either three or five months depending on the programme. Applications for traineeships starting in mid-September are open in May, and open in October for traineeships starting in mid-February.