Our achievements

As the lead progressive force in the European Parliament, our actions have been crucial in ensuring a fairer response to the challenges posed by the financial crisis and its severe economic and social consequences.


A Fair economy at the service of people


Fairly tackling taxes


Reconciling environment with our economy


A life in dignity for all Europeans

Our priorities

A new economic model for a progressive Europe

A long term budget that will deliver just transition

Proud, resilient democracies and fundamental rights

Elections from Europeans’ perspective

Watch interviews with Europeans about their political views

Go Local

The Europe TOGETHER family continues its journey across Europe and we are heading to your city! Would you like to raise a local project at the European level? Invite the MEPs in your city? Would you like to promote a civil society project? So, where would you go?

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S&D Group's news on the European Parliament's Plenary session in Strasbourg - 15 to 18 April 2019 

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Our Fight for a better Work-Life Balance

Press release

S&Ds congratulate Volodymyr Zelensky for victory in Ukraine’s presidential election: Now it’s time for reforms

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S&D Group achieved binding transparency rules for financial industry on the sustainability of investments

Press release

Conservatives and liberals block vote on coordination of social security systems that would have been beneficial to millions of mobile workers! The S&Ds fight goes on

Our progressive vision