We need to be Digital, Successful and Social. How do we get there?

In a constantly changing world we, as Europeans, need to be up to speed with digital innovation. In order to do that, we first have to analyse how this new wave of changes will affect our lives as workers, as community members, as users of online sources of information.

#EuropeTogether is here to help. We’re gathering policy makers that work on digital legislation, experts, members of the civil society and trade unions to debate on how our common future will be affected by these changes.

Interested? Then register and join us on March 15 in Leipzig. Our digital future is at stake. Let’s shape it together!

Join the debate online, register, login and comment and you could be selected to become our next TOGETHER Ambassador! We’ll fly you over to Germany and give you the stage to debate with policy makers, specialists and company representatives.



Interpretation English / German

15.30 Registration

16.00-16.10 Welcome by Constanze Krehl, MEP, European Parliament
and opening with “TOGETHER” video presentation by the moderator Franziska Wilhelm

16.10-16.25 Speech by Udo Bullmann, MEP, S&D Group President in the European Parliament
“Making Digitalisation Fair and Sustainable”

16.25-16.35 Presentation of SMART Infrastructure Hub Leipzig by CEO Eric Weber, Coordinator of Smart Infrastructure Hub and CEO SpinLab – the HHL Accelerator

16.35-16.40 Video

16.40-16.50 Martin Dulig, Deputy Prime Minister of Saxony, State Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, SPD Party Chairman of Saxony

16.50-17.50 “Fishbowl” discussions

A. “Different” becomes “Better” (without interpretation)
How do we shape the working place of the future?

1. Michael Detjen, MEP, European Parliament
2. Irena Rudolph-Kokott, Staff Council Chair of the City owned Disability Assistance, Federal Council Working Group for Workers´ Questions
3. Holger Mann, Deputy, Saxon Regional Parliament
4. Karin Topel, German Telecom Works Council
5. Michael Trabant, Nokia Leipzig Works Council
6. Joachim Schuster, MEP, European Parliament

B. Seize Opportunities (without interpretation)
How do companies prepare for interconnectivity and artificial intelligence?

1. Daniela Kolbe, Member of German Bundestag, Chair of the Enquete Commission “Artificial Intelligence”
2. Constanze Krehl, MEP, European Parliament
3. Christoph Thümmler, Director of the Centre of Geriatric Medicine at HeliosPark Clinic, Leipzig
4. Eric Weber, CEO SpinLab – the HHL Accelerator
5. Valentina Kerst, State Secretary of the Thuringian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society

Smart and connected products and online platforms are changing everyday life – How do we guarantee consumer protection?

1. Evelyne Gebhardt, MEP, European Parliament
2. Otmar Lell, Team Leader Legal Affairs and Trade, Federation of German Consumer Organisations

D. Hackers, Trackers, Data Hunters (without interpretation)
What kind of privacy do we want?

1. Andreas Schurig, Data Security official of Saxony
2. Tiemo Wölken, MEP, European Parliament
3. Andreas Eichhorst, Head of the Consumer Organisation Saxony

17.50-18.10 Report back from Fishbowl discussions

(A.) Joachim Schuster, MEP
(B.) Daniela Kolbe, Member of German Bundestag, Chair of the Enquete Commission “Artificial Intelligence”
(C.) Evelyne Gebhardt, MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament
(D.) Tiemo Wölken, MEP, European Parliament

18.10-18.25 Resume of the discussions
Katarina Barley, Federal Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection

18.25-18.35 Presentation of the “Together Ambassadors” by Evelyne Gebhardt, MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament

18.35-18.45 Conclusions
Udo Bullmann, MEP, President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament
Constanze Krehl, MEP, European Parliament

19.00 Reception


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