We believe that one key element of Europe’s recovery which can boost our climate and envirionemtal goals is the Renovation Wave. 

It is estimated that 40% of the EU’s energy consumption is accounted for by buildings, which also cause 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. However, only 1% of buildings are renovated each year. 

The Renovation Wave must support the objectives of the European Green Deal and contribute to the EU’s ambitious climate targets by cutting buildings emissions and promoting clean, smart and cost-efficient buildings to meet Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality target.

By creating green jobs, developing affordable housing, promoting sustainable construction, carrying out new architectural projects, it offers our cities and regions many great opportunities to not only tackle the climate crisis, but also to address social inequalities and the economic recovery at the same time. 

It is a great way to transform our neighbourhoods into sustainable and inclusive places in which no one is left behind!

Expanding home office opportunities to all the workers whose job makes working from home possible would significantly reduce harmful emissions, since masses of workers would not have to use any kind of transport on a daily basis this way because they could work from home. Last year, when many workers worked in home office, smog disappeared over plenty of cities because lots of workers did not have to use any vehicle to go to work, as they could work from home. Among several other advantages (see my proposal below), this is also why home office opportunities have to be expanded to all workers whose job makes working from home possible: it would significantly reduce harmful emissions.


Since that time, a large percentage of these workers have been forced back to the offices by the employers, most of the employers would not make office opportunities available for their workers on their own because they want to keep workers under direct control. This is why a regulation is needed that obliges employers to make home office opportunities available for all those workers whose job makes working from home possible, and the choice between the home office opportunity and working in the company's office would always depend on the decisions of these workers and employers would have to acknowledge each of these decisions.