The Future of Europe - which direction should we take?

Europe needs to change. A united Europe has brought us peace and prosperity, but it needs to evolve to meet the needs of its citizens.

Europe faces serious challenges, laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic. Stark inequalities, profits made by the greedy and threats to our democratic societies. We can only respond to these challenges by changing the EU – not just its policies but also how we decide them.

The S&D Group has long been involved in in-depth, open dialogue with citizens, together with other members of the progressive family, visiting different regions and hosting online debates to bring people together and listen to different voices. Now that the Conference on the Future of Europe has been launched, we need to seize this opportunity to ensure our voices are heard.

As Socialists and Democrats, we want to take this opportunity to raise social standards, to reset Europe’s economy and shape a more positive future for our Union. The EU will only work if it looks after the interests of everyone in every corner of Europe. People will support the EU more if the EU supports them.

That’s why we want people to be at the heart of the debate on the Future of Europe. To make this a reality, we need your help to make important decisions about the future of Europe. With your ideas, we can build a different future for Europe.

Our Future of Europe team

Led by our president, Iratxe García Pérez, and co-chairs Marek Belka and Gaby Bischoff, our team of MEPs will be working hard to make sure citizens’ voices are heard and we can all help shape Europe’s future.


How can we change the future of Europe?

The big debate will start online and this is your forum to share your views and see what solutions others have suggested. All the great ideas and contributions from each forum will be brought together to form the S&D contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe. With your support we will fight to make sure these become our roadmap for the future of Europe.

You can like and comment on any of the ideas you read about and the most thoughtful and engaged users will earn a Star Contributor status and get an invite to join us for one of our live debates.

We will also be organising a series of events, together with our partners – online and face to face when the pandemic permits – bringing people together across Europe to listen to their ideas.

If that isn't enough, we will also be inviting you to host your own debates on the topics that matter most to you. You will be able to organise your own #Progressives4Europe event and post your priorities and photos from the debate on a special page.

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