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S&Ds: At last a European rail transport system with a human face, where passengers’ rights are respected

At last we will have a European Rail transport system with a human face, where all travellers, including people with reduced mobility, will have the

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No Big Brother in Europe! AI rules must defend citizens’ private lives and data, say S&Ds

Reacting to the European Commission’s proposal for new regulations in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Socialists and Democrats demand

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We have a Data Strategy that works for the people, say S&Ds

Socialists and Democrats demand that the European Data Strategy is transparent, trustworthy and human-centric, respecting human rights, workers’

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Free roaming is a European success story. Let’s keep it that way, say S&Ds

‘Roam like at home’ - the Regulation allowing Europeans travelling within the EU to pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data, is one of the


AdsZucks - Ban personalised ads for once and for all

We want to ban personalised ads for once and for all to support innovation in the field of advertising, to help publishers, artists and media to

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Facebook does not make the laws! S&Ds launch pan-European campaign to stop online data abuse

The Socialists and Democrats Group is today launching AdsZuck, a pan-European campaign aimed at ending the abuse of citizens’ personal data by Big

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A Digital Constitution for Europe that’s 20 years overdue. People must come before profit!

Reacting to the European Commission’s much-awaited proposals on the Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts, S&Ds demand stricter rules when it

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S&Ds ensure terrorist content online is removed within one hour

Today the European Parliament and the German Presidency in the Council reached a political agreement that ensures terrorist content that is posted

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Those who don’t cheat have nothing to fear! – S&Ds pave the way for banning hidden faults that reduce products’ lifespan

Products that are easier and cheaper to repair, labels that state exactly how long products should function properly and no more electrical appliances

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Ban of premature obsolescence of products, and mandatory labelling on durability and reparability - S&Ds fight for ambitious Sustainable Single Market

Ahead of next week’s plenary vote, the Socialists and Democrats discussed today their position paper on the Sustainable Single Market for Consumers