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EU summit: The deal delivers an orderly Brexit. Now it is time for the Parliaments to have their say

Following the approval by EU heads of state and government of the UK withdrawal agreement and political declaration on future relations, S&D Group

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S&Ds: Brexit deal is edging closer, but devil remains in the detail

The S&D Group takes note of the agreement that has been announced on the terms for an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Leading S

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Merkel's pro-European sentiment is not enough. EPP must show what type of Europe they truly stand for, says Bullmann

In the latest of the series of debates on the Future of Europe in the European Parliament, German Chancellor Angela Merkel came before the plenary


Bullmann and Timmermans on kick off our EU election | #EP2019

Bullmann and Timmermans on kick off our EU election | #EP2019.We're ready for #EP2019 with Frans Timmermans as our Spitzenkandidat!

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European Parliament must have a say in future locations of agencies, say S&Ds

The Socialists and Democrats led today in the plenary a vote to relocate the European Banking Authority from London to Paris after Brexit. S&D Group

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Parliament backs reform to make EU elections more transparent and democratic

Today, the European Parliament with an absolute majority of its component members passed a reform of EU electoral law, strengthening the European

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Commission must not take pressure off Polish government on rule of law

During a debate in the European Parliament, the S&D Group urged the European Commission not to take pressure off the Polish government over its

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Conservatives must not only talk pro-European, they must act pro-European too, says Bullmann

On the occasion of the plenary debate on the preparation of the EU leaders' meeting later this month, the president of the Socialists and Democrats

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Pedro Sánchez brings back dignity and hope for more social justice in Spain

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament welcome the appointment of PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez as the new prime minister of Spain, following

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Parliament backs S&D’s call for full investigation into Cambridge Analytica scandal

Following pressure from the S&D Group, the European Parliament will launch a series of three hearings into the misuse of millions of people’s data by