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Iratxe García on the PES Leaders' meeting

S&D president Iratxe García on the PES Leaders' meeting We are concerned about the health situation in Europe. Faced with the increase in COVID-19

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S&Ds: The Mobility Package is finally reality. It sets a more humane, fair and safe transport sector

The Mobility Package agreement is now entering into force. With today’s vote, the European Parliament has given its green light to a long-awaited

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S&Ds: Passenger rights must come before industry interests in collective redress

The S&D Group is today criticising member states for putting industry interests before consumer rights as the Council threatens to block an agreement


Back on track – S&D policy paper on the recovery of tourism

Travel restrictions caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic have severely affected the tourism industry1, an industry which directly and

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S&Ds: We need full support from the EU to support and boost tourism and transport sector

In the light of the vote in plenary on the ‘tourism and transport 2020 and beyond’ resolution, the Socialists and Democrats have a detailed proposal


S&D President Iratxe Garcia on helping post-Covid tourism sector

Tourism is a strategic sector for the European economy. We, in the Socialists and Democrats Group, are working on an emergency plan to support this

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This resolution is a call for action to the EU Council, including recovery bonds, says Iratxe García

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution which calls for a comprehensive Recovery Plan to face the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic

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We need to act now to save the future of the tourism industry, say S&Ds

With millions of jobs in the tourism and transport industry endangered by the COVID-19 outbreak, S&Ds urge European authorities to listen to the

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S&Ds: Transport sector is crucial to face Covid-19 crisis. The EU must ensure health and safety to all transport workers

In the midst of Covid-19 crisis, it is crucial that essential goods, such as food, medicines or healthcare materials, continue circulating across

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Let’s not waste more time: the EU needs strong coordinated action against COVID-19 now, says Iratxe García

Following the meeting of the Eurogroup ministers yesterday and ahead of today’s extraordinary European Council meeting, the leader of the Socialists