Today the European Parliament adopted the new LIFE programme 2021-2027 with an ambitious budget (€ 7,272,000,000). As the only programme dedicated specifically to environment and climate action, LIFE remains a crucial, effective and efficient financial instrument to achieve the EU’s objectives. A doubling of the financial envelope for the LIFE programme is therefore required and justified.

MEP Nicola Caputo, S&D shadow rapporteur and chair of the LIFE working group at the European Parliament, said:

“This is a great victory. The decarbonisation objective of the Paris Agreement requires a rapid shift to a clean and low-emission energy strategy. This is why I suggested to direct a considerable share of the proposed increase to LIFE to the new ‘Clean Energy Transition sub-programme’.

“The European Parliament also recognised today the importance of the integrated projects which serve as a catalyst to implement environmental or climate plans or strategies at regional, multi-regional or national level. Their scope and the number of these projects will be increased in the future. This is also another success.

“The negotiations with the Council will start from January under the Romanian Presidency and I hope that an agreement on the LIFE new budget for the period 2021-2027 will be found in 2019 in order to ensure the continuity of the LIFE funding and guarantee a smooth transition between the current funding period (2014 -2020) and the new one.”

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